Distribution of Funds

All administrative costs in the USA are donated, so 100% of your contributions go to work in Guatemala. The funds contributed are used to pay salaries of Guatemalan teachers, cooks, bus drivers and maintenance personnel; food for two meals and snacks daily; gas and electric utilities; school supplies and uniforms; vehicle costs; medical costs and scholarship costs for children going beyond high school. Kari receives no salary as a missionary. An annual financial statement is available upon request. Current monthly operating expenses are $32,000.

Mi Refugio Es Jesus is a faith ministry, trusting God for every need that they have.

Many organizations and individuals support Mi Refugio Es Jesus with monthly, quarterly, annual and one time donations.

Mi Refugio Es Jesus is a nonprofit corporation with tax exempt status (#81-5266365) in the USA.

More Ways to Donate

Check or Money Order

Inside the United States

Contributions can be made out to "Mi Refugio Es Jesus" and mailed to:

Mi Refugio Es Jesus
c/o John Biffar (U.S. contact)
12620 World Plaza Lane #1
Fort Myers, FL 33907

Outside the United States

Contributions from outside the USA should be by international money order, otherwise the bank service charges are exorbitant.

PayPal or Credit Card

Stock Contributions

Stock contributions are also welcome. Stocks and stock profits can be donated through The National Christian Foundation.

Find out more on their website or contact NCF directly.

You can also call John Biffar, our U.S. contact, for details at 239-549-4081.

Tax Receipts

All contributions are banked in the USA and then transferred to a Mi Refugio Es Jesus account in Guatemala. A tax receipt will be mailed to you.


All correspondence should be sent to:

Mi Refugio Es Jesus
c/o John Biffar (U.S. contact)
12620 World Plaza Lane #1
Fort Myers, FL 33907

Mail sent directly to Guatemala is frequently stolen.

Have a Question?

Considering a large donation and want more info?

Please call our U.S. contact, John Biffar, at 239-549-4081.
He will be happy to help field your questions, get you the information you need.
You can also email us.